I really appreciated the minimalist approach that Exposure NY took on this. There were no sirens and whistles, just an ascetic splash of yellow with monochromatic video in the color of the campaign. The draw of the music from high profile artists that the banners lead to was enough to get clicks. see it here

Most of the video swfs randomly looped (if the site allowed). One of the 30 second videos always played first, but after that it was random. The flash programming for this was minimal, but getting the most out of what every vendor allowed got a little tricky. Pandora for example had very tight restrictions with our large format video to make sure that the "radio tuner" swf that is the main attraction of their site was not affected.

This campaign took over the home pages of viceland.com, spin.com, rollingstone.com, pitchfork.com, and every other major online music publication. It used Mediaplex for the ad server.